Rakhi saewant crying

Rakhi Sawant’s Mother Passed Away, yesterday, on 28th January 2023: Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant lost her mother Jaya on 28th January. Rakhi was very close to her mother. She was crying bitterly while returning from the hospital.

Rakhi Sawant’s Mother passed away because of Cancer:

Jaya’s health was deteriorating day by day. She was suffering from cancer for the last three years and was under treatment by a doctor in Mumbai. Rakhi’s mother, Jaya, died of multiple organ failure. Rakhi Sawant said she had a brain tumor in January. She was not able to recognize anyone after a brain tumor.

Rakhi Sawant remembered Salman Khan:

Rakhi Sawant was remembering Salman Khan and saying, “Salman Bhai, Maa Mar Gaye”. Salman Khan and Mukesh Ambani has helped her a lot in her mother’s treatment.

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