Gurmeet Choudhary and debina Bonnerje announce their first baby child as they both are planning for a long time. But now it’s good news time. 

Gurmeet Choudhary and debina Bonnerje announces their first baby child:- 

They announce their baby child and their good news with their insta post. In the insta post which they posted it was a picture of both of them with their baby bump.

 Indeed the picture has stolen the heart of their fanbase. They are looking absolutely perfect and charming with their baby bump. 

Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Banerjee, one of TV’s most romantic couples, are going to become parents soon, these stars have shared this happiness with their fans and friends on Instagram. 

After a long time of marriage, little kilkaris will be seen resonating at Gurmeet and Debina’s house. The gracious picture of them is evidence of a flawless gorgeous couple. 

For a long time, these stars were eagerly waiting for this good news and now the happiness of becoming parents soon after living these moments is clearly visible on the faces of these two stars. 

Sharing this good news on social media, Gurmeet Chaudhary wrote in the caption – We are going to become 2 to 3, Junior Chaudhary is coming. 

Many stars and celebrities congratulate them by wishing good luck for the fortune. Gurmeet and debina are one of the most stunning couples and even they had played a well desiring roles in many of the movies and serious so it’s a must a time for them to appreciate and to look after their personal life too. 


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