Remo Desolva

Remo D’Souza is a famous dancer and choreographer of Bollywood and many other popular industries. He is We know him very well for his remarkable work and appreciation. The renowned choreographer and his wife, Lizelle, were seen doing a lot of fun in Instagram reels. Thus, making people their big crazy fans. 

But an incident reported on 21 January break their heart which included the “suicide of their brother-in-law”. This not only gives an immense shock to both of them but gives everyone a heartbreaking shock.

 The rising case of suicide has made everyone fall in a dramatic condition that what is the reason behind these suicide cases. 

How did the situation report to be a “suicide case”? 

On January 21, Jason Watkins was found dead at home in Mumbai on Thursday. His body was then sent to Cooper hospital for postmortem examination. Jason Watkins, brother of Lizelle, lived with his father in an apartment. When the body was sent for the examination, he was declared to be dead. 

In his case of death, “Remo D’Souza wrote that “you broke our heart, may your soul rest in peace. May your soul now find peace”. 

The incident took place when Remo D’Souza and his wife were celebrating a party in Goa, and after hearing the news, they found themselves in an “immense shock.” 

The reason behind his death- 

Many people want to know “what is his reason for his suicide? 

Well, we know that today one-third of India’s population is living in a condition of stress. And stress is such a curse in human life that compels them to attempt these things. 

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While taking an interview with his sister Lizelle, she said that his brother who attempted suicide was suffering from “depression” and the reason for the depression was his mother, who died in 2018. He hasn’t risen from this situation, and hence, he is in a situation of depression. 

Lizelle said, “He was very close to her mother.” 

Lizelle even said, “daddy was forced to open the door, but till then, he has taken his life.” His father was also suffering from dialysis. So it’s hard for them to overcome this immense news. 


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