A.G. Perarivalan released: Perarivalan’s release victory for ‘state autonomy’, says CM Stalin

A.G. Perarivalan released: Tamil Nadu CM M.K. Stalin on Wednesday after A.G. Perarivalan released, said that the Supreme Court order to release A.G. Perarivalan was a victory for state anatomy and federalism in the country as the verdict concluded that Governor has no power to interfere in the ‘policy decision’ of the state government.

Chief Minister Stalin released a four-page statement in which he spoke about the ramifications of judgment in detail.

The counsel for the Tamil Nadu government stated the state administration had every right to release Perarivalan and the Governor had to do nothing but give his assent, according to CM Stalin, who is embroiled in a heated battle with Governor R. N. Ravi on various matters.

According to the government, the Governor should have decided on thee state cabinet’s request to release the seven offenders under Article 161 in 2018, but he “erred” by referring it to the President.

T.N. Chief Minister Stalin said, “The judges have said the courts will intervene when the Governor does not function. They have also said that the Union Government need not be consulted on this issue. With this, it has been established further that Governors do not have powers to interfere in policy matters beyond powers vested with them.”

“The decision is a “victory for state autonomy and federalism,” according to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. He further claimed that while in opposition and after gaining office, the DMK pushed for the release of the seven criminals under Article 161.

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“The Supreme Court has released Perarivalan who has spent 32 years in jail. This verdict should find a place in the justice-law-political-administrative history of the country,” he added. 

Tamil Nadu CM about the release of six other convicts of the case

He told while interacting with the media that the state government will take steps regarding the six other convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, once the government goes through judgment and consult with lawyers.

Mr. Stalin stated that the government will take steps to release the other six offenders in the case after reviewing the Supreme Court’s decision.

Who is A.G.Perarivalan?

A.G. Perarivalan, was only 19 years old at the time of Rajiv Gandhi’s killing, accused of buying two 9-volt batteries used in the bomb to assassinate the former Prime Minister.

In 1998, the TADA court sentenced him to death. The Supreme Court however upheld the death sentence and commuted it to life imprisonment in the year 2014.

Perarivalan appealed to the Supreme Court in 2018 over the delay in his release, despite the Tamil Nadu government’s proposal to commute his sentence.

The court granted him bail in March month this year.

A.G. Perarivalan released: What does Perarivalan have to say after his release?

A convict of Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, A.G. Perarivalan released today on May 18.

“I firmly believe there is no need for capital punishment,” A.G. Perarivalan stated just hours after the Supreme Court ordered his freedom, a decision that his family, relatives, and various pro-Tamil organisations in Tamil Nadu applauded.

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When reporters asked how did he feel like a “free bird” and what were his future plans, he said, “I have just come out. It has been 31 years of a legal battle. I have to breathe a bit. Give me some time,”


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